what is the true meaning of family

The Meaning of Family

“You have a loving family and many friends who will help teach you the ways of the world. Every day you will learn something new!”

“You will become wise, Little Owl,” promised Daddy Owl.

“But, Little Owl,” said Mommy Owl, “You must never forget your family and the friends who helped you become wise.”

“Why?” asked Little Owl.

“Because we all love you and are here to help if you ever lose your way!”

[excerpt from Hello Little Owl]

For most of us, the foundation of our ideology starts with family .. Moms, Dads and, often, siblings. If we are lucky we have parents who love us and expose us, in our early years,  to a variety of life experiences, while teaching us the basics of right and wrong. They encourage us , as individuals, to have confidence in ourselves. It takes patience, understanding, and the ability to let go of one’s own ego to instill a strong sense of self in another human being.  Instead of focusing on one’s own hopes for that individual, it is necessary to recognize the dreams and strengths unique to that individual, so he may be mentored to become his own person

As we grow and become more socialized, we are influenced by extended family, friends, teachers, coaches and acquaintances … This is where that strong sense of self comes into play …  Someone else’s ideology can often steer you in another direction, away from your core set of strengths and values, causing you to lose your way!

Having a nonjudgmental family means you have support to help you find your way home if you have taken the wrong path. You have a core of individuals who love you unconditionally.  

To me family means love and trust, acceptance, comfort, laughter, honesty, tears, patience, encouragement, sharing, understanding, pitching-in,  fond memories, healthy competition, more love, safety and warmth, story telling, more laughter, surprises, disappointments, more tears, individual achievement , and pride!

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