The Importance of Being Creative

As most of you know, I have loved writing the Hello Little Owl books.  They are my passion project! I enjoy writing blogs about each of my characters, to share with you the life lessons that they teach. I also illustrate, finding it satisfying to work with color and composition. I think it’s safe to say that I love to be creative.

Creativity is an important component in the lives of adults, teenagers and children. As children especially, it’s very important to exercise the imagination.  When kids are being creative and using their imagination, they are free to create something outside of the world in which they live. Every child is born with the ability to create and imagine. Sometimes this creative nature can be challenged. Encouraging your child to behave imaginatively and release his or her creative energy is a huge part of parenting or grand parenting!  

Think back to when you were a child.  What were some of the fun, creative things you liked to do?  One might think about sidewalk chalk, finger painting, making up games, and even writing short stories.  Creativity comes in MANY forms and is an important stimulant to the inquisitive minds of young ones. Creative activities can even serve as a stress reliever.  It can be a way that you can sit down with your children and help them open up to you about things that are going on in their ever expanding brains.

One of the ways that a child, even a toddler, can be creative is to color.  Coloring is one of the many activities that our young children love to do. Parents make great memories sitting at a table with their child coloring away.  Coloring is also an activity that children can do on their own so that the parents might get a few things done.

Teachers even use coloring as “busy work” or “morning work” in school to keep children entertained while they are waiting for class to start.  They know that not only is it something that kids love to do, but it’s also an important part of their development. Think about it! When children color they are also learning.  They are learning to color inside the lines and how to choose a color scheme that is pleasing to them. They sometimes create patterns of color within the picture they are coloring.

The thought of how important being creative is in a child’s life has led me to create something NEW!  I have created coloring pages based on the characters of Hello Little Owl. Your children, students, grandchildren, etc. can now color and create their own version of Little Owl and her forest friends!  I’m so excited to contribute to your child’s creativity and hope that you will share some of their creations with me on Hello Little Owl’s FB Page.  
This is a whole new way for Little Owl’s world to come into your home!  I hope your little ones enjoy the coloring pages I have created. And what’s even better is that you can print and reprint the pages as you need them! To sign up to get your FREE coloring pages please click here.

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