The Difference Between Adventure and Danger

But Little Owl happily shouted “Ya-Hoo,” forgetting that her little legs and claws were made for perching, not scooting!

[Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, I Am Hermit Crab]

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An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.


Engage in hazardous and exciting activity, esp. the exploration of unknown territory.



The possibility of suffering harm or injury.

There is a bit of the adventurer in all of us!

How many times have you read a book, heard a story or watched a movie that took you to unfamiliar, faraway places?  Journeys into the unknown stimulate our imagination and excite our senses, stirring within us a desire to explore.

Part of the thrill of an adventure is the anticipation of looming danger. When venturing into the unknown, it is very important to prepare yourself for your journey in every way possible to avoid dangerous consequences. I am not suggesting you take the thrill out of your adventure, but be aware of the hazards that may accompany your choice of activities. If you know what to expect you are more likely to anticipate and avoid impending danger.

Astronauts, deep-sea divers, rodeo cowboys, and mountain climbers all lead adventurous lives.  However, they have reduced their risk of suffering harm or injury, by learning every aspect of their equipment and honing their particular skills.

Though most of our adventures are much tamer, we should be aware of all possible danger associated with any new undertaking, and research the best ways of avoiding it.  The better prepared we are prior to taking on anything new and exciting, the safer the outcome!

If Little Owl had asked Hermit Crab the importance of “beating” the wave, prior to playing his game with him, she may have escaped getting rolled about the ocean floor!

Did any of you have any recent adventures?

Were there dangers involved?

How did you prepare for your adventure?

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