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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work…Pansy Porcupine

Pansy Porcupine is a very strong mother who would do anything for her family. In fact, when faced with a scary situation, she trusts her friends and puts on a brave face to safely return to her twins. Let’s learn more about Pansy’s adventure with Little Owl and all her friends.

Pansy Porcupine went out one morning to get breakfast for her family. What she thought would be her normal morning routine, took an unexpected turn when a strong storm hit, catching her unprepared. After the storm, Pansy was left in a position that left her scared, unsure and sad. She didn’t know how she was going to make it back to her twins! Nearby, Little Owl was playing hide and seek with her friends when she heard Pansy crying.

After hearing Pansy’s predicament, Little Owl knew that she, Cat and Butterfly needed to help. Together they asked for help from as many of their forest friends as possible.

The story of Pansy Porcupine teaches our children about the importance of teamwork. It teaches them if they work together, they can accomplish their goals. When we are able to teach our children the importance of teamwork, it will teach them that it is ok to ask for help and when you work as a team, you can accomplish your goals faster and more efficiently. It also teaches trust between one another as was demonstrated in Pansy Porcupine’s example of trusting that the Beaver’s made her a safe raft to get back to her beloved twins. Teamwork also teaches proper communication between friends. It was through the teamwork of everyone involved that Pansy got home.

This story also touches on a mother’s love. Pansy had gone out to get food for her babies. She was using her natural instincts to properly care for them. Once she was separated from them, she did whatever she had to do to get home to them, even though she was scared. It’s this type of reassurance our children need in today’s world. They need to know that no matter what, members of their family, caregivers, or friends will be there to help even if they are scared too.

Never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help from friends and family. We all can, at some point, get into a predicament where we need some helping hands!

teamwork makes the dream work
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