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Rules: Are Some Okay to Break?

Cat sleepily nodded agreement, adding, “It’s against the law of the forest to steal from others!” [Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, Chipped Munk] In general, most rules are made intending to protect us from harm. When we are little, we hear rules such as: “Don’t stick your finger in the […]


“Just close your eyes and imagine yourself on a gentle journey downstream without a care in the world.” [Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, Said Augie Otter, a Hello Little Owl story] Some years ago, I got some very sage advice from one of the younger generation, my nephew. I was […]

Rainy Days

In my last blog, I suggested you go outside with your children, sit quietly, and listen to all the sounds around you. But what happens when the sounds you hear outside are raindrops hitting the windows? Not ideal when your kids are home for summer break. While in times like […]

Listen Quietly

Little Owl and Cat flew to the meadow. It smelled of blooming wildflowers and buzzed with the sound of honeybees gathering pollen. [excerpt from “Hello Little Owl, Chipped Munk”] Early one morning in July I went outside to the deck. It was beautiful and I was enjoying my alone time. […]

Finding Your Way When You’re “Lost”

“But,” offered Mommy Owl, “You must never forget your family and the friends who helped you become such a wise Little Owl.” “Why?” wondered Little Owl, looking up at her curiously. “Because we all love you and are here to help if you ever lose your way!” [Excerpt from “Hello […]

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Meet Cat

Cat is Little Owl’s best friend in the whole wide forest. She is loyal, caring, dependable. She is also cautiously adventurous, sensible and instinctive! Early on in their relationship Cat explains to Little Owl that she must go through a change. After the transformation, they remain best of friends realizing […]

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about Munk.  “Munk” is Little Owl’s chipmunk friend. He is busy, hard working, and resourceful. In the past few blogs we have talked about how he teaches your children that it’s okay to ask for help AND that not everyone in the […]

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Meet Munk- Asking for Help and Who to Trust

“Munk” is Little Owl’s chipmunk friend. He is busy, hard working, and resourceful. He doesn’t have a lot of time to play, as he is always hunting for food to store for the winter. Munk learns that everyone in the forest is not to be trusted. So he depends on […]

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The Difference Between Adventure and Danger

But Little Owl happily shouted “Ya-Hoo,” forgetting that her little legs and claws were made for perching, not scooting! [Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, I Am Hermit Crab] (Click picture to purchase.) AD – VEN – TURE Noun An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Verb Engage in […]