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Reading on Summer Break

Summer break from school is upon us. Soon, the days of waking up early to annoying alarms and getting ready for school will be replaced with sleeping in and days by the pool. Children will be spending time outdoors, playing in the sunshine and having fun.  But there is another […]

The Importance of Being Creative

As most of you know, I have loved writing the Hello Little Owl books.  They are my passion project! I enjoy writing blogs about each of my characters, to share with you the life lessons that they teach. I also illustrate, finding it satisfying to work with color and composition. […]

Float Away like Augie

Have you ever had one of those days? You know what I mean…one of those days where EVERYTHING is just ruffling your feathers and nothing is going right?  We all have those kind of days. And by all, I mean ALL of us, including our little ones.  How do you […]