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The Difference Between Adventure and Danger

But Little Owl happily shouted “Ya-Hoo,” forgetting that her little legs and claws were made for perching, not scooting! [Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, I Am Hermit Crab] (Click picture to purchase.) AD – VEN – TURE Noun An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. Verb Engage in […]

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“Hoo” Doesn’t Love Owls?

Years ago a friend of mine (Dave) found a young owl in the woods. It had been hurt and was unable to fly. Dave brought the little owl to his home, where he built it a small comfortable shelter. Dave is a very caring person. His gentle manner and abundance […]

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Hello Little Owl

This children’s book was written for my first grandchild. Not knowing the gender, we called the unborn baby, our Little Owl. Our last name translates to little owl in German. My book welcomes Little Owl into her new world, explaining to her the many things she will learn as she […]

what is the true meaning of family


“You have a loving family and many friends who will help teach you the ways of the world. Every day you will learn something new!” “You will become wise, Little Owl,” promised Daddy Owl. “But, Little Owl,” said Mommy Owl, “You must never forget your family and the friends who […]