Reading on Summer Break

Summer break from school is upon us. Soon, the days of waking up early to annoying alarms and getting ready for school will be replaced with sleeping in and days by the pool. Children will be spending time outdoors, playing in the sunshine and having fun.  But there is another very important activity that should be integrated into their summer fun!

During summer break, our children lose things that they have learned during the year.  So much so, that at the beginning of the next school year, teachers have to spend time re-teaching things to our kids.  So what can we, as parents, do to combat this issue?

It’s easy!  We can take time during the days of summer to encourage our children to READ.  Yep, you read that right. No matter the age of your child, reading is important.  Encouraging them to read over summer break, keeps their minds working. Reading takes them away to magical places as they go through the story. It keeps the brain exercising it’s muscles, so to speak.  

You may have a child who isn’t old enough to read yet.  That’s okay! Spending 20 minutes a day reading to your child will benefit him or her greatly.   Reading to your child is one of the top ways to increase vocabulary skills, and situations in stories often relate to situations in their own lives!

If you have children who are early readers, spending 20 minutes a day with them reading to YOU will improve, not only their reading skills, but boost their self-confidence as well.  It keeps them in the habit of reading and learning throughout the summer. You could do this in the middle of the day or even before bedtime. The important thing to remember is that READING IS IMPORTANT!

Encouraging your children to be creative is another way you can have fun together this summer. Go outside and draw with sidewalk chalk! Set up a finger painting station! Build a fairy house! Make costumes from things you have in your house and play pretend with your littles ones!  The sky’s the limit!

The important thing is to continue to feed your kids’ minds even when they are out of school.  I encourage you create a list of “THINGS TO DO WITH THE KIDS” that will enhance everyone’s summer experience!

Go to your local library and find a reading challenge for them.  Find or create a summer reading list! Find some fun crafts or better yet download the Hello Little Owl coloring pages!

Here’s to summer!

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