Hello Little Owl, I Am Hermit Crab (Book 2)


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In the second book in the Hello Little Owl series, Little Owl has learned to fly!  Butterfly temps her to fly to the beach and her friend caterpillar comes along for the ride.  As they fly over the beach and ocean they see many magical things.

They land and make friends with Hermit Crab who teaches them a new game.  Their adventure at the beach becomes an unforgettable life lesson as Little Owl gets in trouble.  Mother Sea Turtle must come to the rescue and take Little Owl and her friends back to their home in the forest.

Hello Little Owl, I am Hermit Crab! is a story that teaches the life lessons of listening to the wisdom of Mommy and Daddy Owl and never wander off on a new adventure without telling your parents where you are going.  This is a story you will want to read with your child and enjoy many times.

Each page of the book is beautifully illustrated by the author Mary Uihlein’s whimsical color pencil artwork.  Each illustration adds detail to the story while stimulating the imagination.

The book is available in an illustrated hardcover with matching dust jacket, an Amazon Kindle version, and an audiobook.

The audiobook brings the characters to life in their own voices and makes a great accompaniment to both the printed hardcover and the Amazon Kindle versions.

There’s nothing like reading with your children, but for those times, when they want to hear the story again and again…and again, they can listen in as The World of Hello Little Owl comes to life on their favorite electronic device.

Here is a sneak peek of the voices and sound effects that are in the audiobook.


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