Hello Little Owl Complete Series Set (Books 1 – 8)


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This is the complete boxed set of the printed Hello Little Owl series of children’s books by Award-Winning Author-Illustrator Mary Uihlein.  The books teach valuable life lessons and provide endless entertainment for the children in your life.

The set contains:

Hello Little Owl Book 1
Hello Little Owl, I am Hermit Crab, Book 2
Hello Little Owl, Chipped Munk, Book 3
Hello Little Owl, Book of Poems, Book 4
Hello Little Owl, Drawled Desperado, Book 5
Hello Little Owl, Sniffled Pansy Procupine, Book 6
Hello Little Owl, Greeted Augie Otter, Book 7
Hello Little Owl, Chirped Baby Owl, Book 8


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