Brown Dog! Where Are You?



Award-Winning Author-Illustrator Mary Uihlein is back with Brown Dog! Where Are You? – the third book in her new series The Friends of Hello Little Owl.

Mary says…

Each brown dog in my life has touched my heart deeply. I will remember each one for its unique personality traits.

Snuffy, a Chocolate Lab, was a gentle giant!

Ghillie, an American Water Spaniel was spirited, a bit growly, and very devoted to me!

Mister Bear, a Spanish Water Dog, was independent, funny, and loved to swim in the lake!

Beaver, Mister Bear’s brother, is loveable, caring and a little neurotic!

Guinness, a Spanish Water Dog, is the clown of the family and bursting with personality!

Hazel, Guinness’ sister, even though shy, is the protector!

All of these sweet dogs were “lost” at least once!

I hope you enjoy my story of a little girl who can’t find her favorite pet, Brown Dog!

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