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Meet Munk- Asking for Help and Who to Trust

“Munk” is Little Owl’s chipmunk friend. He is busy, hard working, and resourceful.

He doesn’t have a lot of time to play, as he is always hunting for food to store for the winter. Munk learns that everyone in the forest is not to be trusted. So he depends on Little Owl’s friendship to help him solve a problem. As a result, he learns it is okay to ask others for help!

childrens book about trust
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It’s so important that we teach our children that not everyone in the “forest” can be trusted. But we must do this in terms that they can understand. In today’s world, there are some scary things and people existing whose sole purpose is to cause harm. Sometimes, we don’t come into contact with them in person, but rather through a screen. It’s a scary thing to think about as parents, and would be even scarier to think about as a child.

Munk teaches your children not to trust everyone. But he does lean on his friend Little Owl to help him solve his problem. This aspect of the story teaches your child that it is okay to ask for help when they need it. We don’t have to go at it alone in this world. We have friends and family who are here to help when we need it. Trying to solve every problem all alone creates stress and anxiety. Asking for help when we need it is perfectly okay. But when teaching your child that it’s okay to ask for help, they need to know that they need to ask someone that they can trust. Munk teaches your child just that!

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