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Meet Cat

Cat is Little Owl’s best friend in the whole wide forest. She is loyal, caring, dependable. She is also cautiously adventurous, sensible and instinctive!

Early on in their relationship Cat explains to Little Owl that she must go through a change. After the transformation, they remain best of friends realizing that change, is often a necessary and important part of life.

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Change is not something that is easy to deal with for our little ones. Sometimes it’s hard for them to understand why we have went from doing things one way to doing them another. There are many little ones who just don’t well with change at all. They may start to act out or become moody when change is taking place in their lives and they don’t know how to cope with it.

Change is something our children will encounter at every step in their life. Changing from baby to toddler, toddler to child, child to pre-teen, pre-teen to teen, teen to young adult, and young adult to adulthood. And even then, they are going to experience many seasons of change throughout adulthood. Teaching them to accept change and roll with the flow, so to speak, at a young age can help battle things like anxiety. Change is a part of life and will be with our children throughout their lives.

Change is something that cannot be avoided. For instance, look at the seasons. Spring is upon us. Flowers are blooming. Trees are changing from dead to alive with buds and blossoms. The sun is awakening and warming the day for longer periods of time. And seasons change like clockwork every year. With this spring awakening, it’s a great segway to start talking to our little ones and teaching them about change.

That is exactly what Cat does in Hello Little Owl Book of Poems. Cat teaches Little Owl about the change that she must go through… AKA metamorphosis. But she also teaches Little Owl that this change that she MUST go through is not a bad thing at all. It is, in fact, very natural and wonderful!

There are many changes ahead of our little ones that they MUST go through biologically. But there is also going to be change that might be forced upon them that are situational. Teaching them NOW about change will help them better cope with situational change. They will learn to cope instead of getting anxious about it. They will learn to be accepting of change instead of resisting it. Change in our lives is often times necessary. It is also important.

Start teaching your little one about change now with characters and situations like Cat and Little Owl to prepare them for things that are bound to happen later on in life. Teaching them about change with characters and stories like Little Owl and Cat will better equip them to confront change head on and pivot so to speak. It will also help to prevent your little one from experiencing feelings of frustration and anxiety that often comes with change.

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