Meet Burton Longhorn, AKA Desperado

Burton Longhorn, aka Desperado, is large and in charge. As friendly as the day is long, Desperado wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact, he is caring and clever and the first to come to someone’s rescue.  Although he is a large Texas Longhorn, he is a gentle giant. He helps Little Owl learn a very important lesson about being “too sure of herself” ,or, boastful.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Little Owl convinced Mommy and Daddy Owl to take a trip down south to Texas with Cat and Butterfly.  The delicate wings of a butterfly cannot withstand the winter. So they fly south to warmer climates with lots of flowers they can pollinate.  Daddy Owl thought that it would be a fun, family adventure.

Upon arriving in Texas, Little Owl perched on a branch for a short snooze and that branch starting talking.  That “branch” happened to be the horn of Burton Longhorn, aka Desperado. Desperado introduced our favorite owl family to the concept of a rodeo.  And they were in luck! The last rodeo of the season was set to take place while they were there.

Little Owl wanted to wear a fancy cowgirl hat and ride a trusty steed in the rodeo parade.  Mommy and Daddy owl were not convinced this was a good idea. But, Little Owl would be set up with their gentle mustang, Sally.  She was SURE that she could ride Sally because she had ridden on Mother Sea Turtles back. It was at this point that Little Owl became a bit boastful of her abilities.

Desperado fixed her up with a fancy yellow hat and put her on Mustang Sally.  But Sally started going too fast, so Little Owl did what she would do to hold on to a branch…she dug her claws in.  What she failed to remember is, Sally’s back was much more sensitive than a branch. Needless to say, Little Owl got bucked off of Sally and landed on a cactus. OUCH!

Have you ever heard a child get a little boastful or “too big for their britches” sometimes?  The definition of boast is: talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities. Little Owl was overly confident in her abilities when it came to being able to ride a horse.  

Being boastful is not a good quality and can often times get you into trouble.  This is such an important lesson to teach our children so that we keep them safe without dampening their spirit of adventure.  After-all, safety first, right?

Little Owl certainly learned her lesson the hard way.  She learned that, when trying something NEW, she should ask for lessons first.  This can apply to any new activity you encounter growing up!

If there is something in which your little one seems interested, make sure they get lessons first.  This will keep them from getting hurt, embarrassed or developing a fear of something meant to be enjoyed.  When someone becomes adept at an activity of any kind, there is no need to be boastful, or “toot one’s own horn!” And, there is less likelihood of getting hurt like Little Owl.

Teaching our little ones not to be boastful now, will benefit them in the future.  Eventually our children will grow up, facing everyday life challenges, whether it be away at camp, or college, or in the workplace. Being overly boastful in any of these situations does not typically end well.  It is up to us as parents and guardians to instill this important life lesson in them sooner rather than later.

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