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I Feel “Home”

“Where am I?” wondered Little Owl, blinking big, round, curious eyes.

“You are at home, snuggled in your warm nest. Do not worry, Daddy and I are here with you,” assured Mommy Owl.

[Excerpt from “Hello Little Owl”]

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What is “Home”?

Some say “home” is where the heart is. Others say “home” is where you hang your hat. To me, “home” is familiar and comfortable. Not just comfortable in a “sit back and relax” kind of way, but in an emotional “no worries” kind of way. Home is a place you know well and a place that knows you well.

It’s a feeling of security like: a thumb and a blanket, an old comfortable shoe, or reassuring nuzzles from a favorite pet. It’s a contented sigh, a warm smile, a shared giggle, a favorite smell, the sound of the door opening when dad is home from work, baby sister babbling in her crib, sleeping on your own pillow, sitting around the table at a family dinner, holding someone’s hand!

O.A.R. and “I Feel Home.”  Oar of a revolution

Some years ago, my son and nephew had a favorite band called O.A.R. (Of a Revolution). At the time, I liked listening to them and still find myself enjoying their music.  One of their songs in particular always cheers me up. It is called “I Feel Home.”

I like making up my own verses to the chorus part of the song, inserting things that pertain to my own home life. It is fun and a little crazy, but makes me feel happy!

My versions are always different, because I never write them down, but they go something like this:

“I feel home when Dad is fishing on the dock.”

“I feel home smelling barbeque on the grill.”

“I feel home when Munk is sitting on the deck.”

“I feel home with flowers on the sill!”

“I feel home when all my family’s at the lake.”

“I feel home when hockey’s on T.V.!”

“I feel home with birthday candles on my cake.”

“I feel home with ornaments on the tree!”

… And on and on, including everyday things in my life that make me feel home!

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A Fun Exercise: What lyrics would you make up to give you a happy, comfortable, safe and familiar feeling?

Make it a game with your parents, siblings and friends! Discover the things that give you and others the comfy feelings of home!

  • Does the smell of baking cookies make you feel home?
  • What about the hum of the lawnmower when your dad is cutting the grass?
  • Does seeing your mom cooking in the kitchen make you feel home?
  • Do you feel home when you are cozily tucked in bed after a warm bath?
  • What about coming home from vacation and your dog greets you at the door?

Look up the band O.A.R. and listen to “I Feel Home” so you can put your own words to the musical rhythm.

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