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In my past few blogs, I’ve been introducing you to the character Munk and all that he teaches your little ones.  “Munk” is Little Owl’s chipmunk friend. He is busy, hard working, and resourceful.

He doesn’t have a lot of time to play, as he is always hunting for food to store for the winter. Munk learns that everyone in the forest is not to be trusted. So he depends on Little Owl’s friendship to help him solve a problem. As a result, he learns it is okay to ask others for help!

Last week, we talked about the principle of asking for help and how Munk teaches your child this principle.  This week I am excited to talk about how Munk learns that not everyone in the forest can be trusted.

The first instance of this principle appearing in the book is when Munk actually asked Little Owl for help.  You see Munk knew that Little Owl was his trusted friend and she would help him solve his problem.  There are many people in your child’s life that they can trust.  First and foremost, they can trust YOU, their parent.  Second, they can trust family members, teachers, trusted friends,etc.  We must ALWAYS communicate to our children that they have people that they can trust to help them when they need it.

The second instance of this principle appearing in this book, is when Munk learns that some people will do the wrong thing and then lie about it.  As the animals gathered and talked about the missing acorns Billy Blue-Jay lies about knowing what was happening to Munk’s acorns. Munk walked away from that meeting feeling sad and defeated.  It wasn’t until Munk, Little Owl, and friends watched for who was coming to steal his acorns they learned about the lie. We must teach our children that while they have people they absolutely CAN trust, they CAN’T trust EVERYONE!

This day and age there are many people out there who intend to cause harm.  It is up to us as parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and trusted friends to help steer our children in the right direction and keep them safe. Munk LOVES teaching these important things to your little one in a fun way that they can understand. Join us next week as we talk about the BONUS principle that Munk teaches your little ones!

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