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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about Munk.  “Munk” is Little Owl’s chipmunk friend. He is busy, hard working, and resourceful. In the past few blogs we have talked about how he teaches your children that it’s okay to ask for help AND that not everyone in the forest should be trusted.  While these are both very important lessons to learn, Munk also teaches one more lesson….forgiveness!

In the story, Billy Blue Jay was caught stealing Munk’s acorns.  Instead of being mad and holding a grudge against Billy Blue Jay, Munk chose to exercise the ability to forgive him and give him a second chance.

Forgiveness is not something that comes easy to some people.  It’s especially hard for children who are still learning about feelings and how to express them.  And even harder for children who are just learning to use their words. We, as parents and grandparents, need to teach the little ones in our life that sometimes people do or say something they don’t mean.  And if that person is truly sorry and asks for forgiveness, then we should give them a second chance.  

With forgiveness and second chances, we also need to teach that when they wrong someone else they also need to express that they are sorry for doing something wrong.  We must be responsible for teaching our children wrong from right. Just the same as we give forgiveness, we also need to ask for forgiveness when it’s needed.

We also need to teach our little ones that second chances are NOT to be taken lightly.  Second chances are often the LAST chance we have to be respectable human beings.  If someone is kind enough to give us a second chance, we should make sure that we do not wrong them again.  Just the same, if we give someone else a second chance and they wrong us again, it may be time to move on from that relationship.

If you ask me, this world could use a more people like Munk.  Chipped Munk takes all of the principles we’ve discussed over the past several weeks and condenses them into a fun, colorful world that they can understand and relate to.  It’s possibly to teach children these life lessons when we do so in a way that catches their attention AND is on their level. Join Little Owl and all her friends, like Munk, in all sorts of adventures that are sure to have them learning along the way.

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