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Discovery and Imagination

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“I call it TUMBLE,” Funny Bunny said.

“I discovered it by accident on my way home to bed!”

[Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, Giggled Funny Bunny]

* DIS . COV . ER . Y

  1. The action or process of discovering or being discovered
  2. A person or thing discovered

* IM . AG . I . NA . TION

  1. The faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses
  2. The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful

As little girls, my sister and I discovered a wonderful big pine tree on a long point that jutted out into the lake … The tree had a massive root system that wound itself along the shore and into the water among the reeds. It had many nooks, crannies, twists and turns. Parts of the root structure resembled small caves, while others seemed like little arched bridges going over sparkling, winding waterways.

We imagined ourselves as tiny people in a tiny waterfront village. We used dried leaves and sticks to make little floating boats, and the caves served as homes and shops. There were pretty pebbles that we could use as stepping-stones or fences. Though we were normal sized children, we imagined we were munchkins and we lived in that little village. We creatively used the things we discovered to go to another place in our minds.

Another favorite pastime was chasing and catching frogs! To discover, where the frogs were hiding we had to imagine ourselves as frogs trying not to be seen. Once we made that discovery we had more luck. We usually named them, something like Hoppy, and then let them go!

What if You Were a Frog?

Where would you hide if you were a frog?

  • … In the reeds?
  • … On top of a lily pad?
  • … Underneath a lily pad?
  • … Out in the middle of the beach?
  • … Burrowed in the sand?

My husband loves to fish. He imagines himself as a fish every time he is on the boat. Actually, I think he was a fish in a former life! “Where would I be today if I were a big fat bass?” he asks himself. Then, he imagines himself floating lazily in the shadow of a fallen log waiting for a juicy worm to float by … Slurp!

What if You Were a Fish?

  • Into what kind of fish would you create yourself?
  • Would you live in a lake, a river or the ocean?
  • Can you imagine what you would discover if you were that fish?

Other Fun Things to Imagine …

  • Use your imagination to discover what a bear might do during the day.
  • Or, become an eagle soaring above the earth.  What would you see?
  • What do you imagine you would do if you discovered an empty cave in the side of the hill or a box full of treasures in your attic?

Remember: Anything is possible through discovery and imagination!

* Oxford Dictionary, Retrieved July 18, 2013

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