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Losing Your Way

“But,” offered Mommy Owl, “You must never forget your family and the friends who helped you become such a wise Little Owl.”
“Why?” wondered Little Owl, looking up at her curiously.
“Because we all love you and are here to help if you ever lose your way!”

[Excerpt from “Hello Little Owl”]

Every now and then as we venture through life, with it’s many twists and turns, we find ourselves lost. I don’t mean in the physical sense, like not knowing how to get back home from the grocery store. But, in an emotional sense, as in, not knowing where to go in a formidable situation.

The Ways We Feel Emotionally Lost

Maybe a school project has you stumped. You don’t know how to begin it. Or, part of the way through it, you don’t know how to finish it. Perhaps your best friend has to move away, and you don’t know how you will cope without him or her by your side.
A favorite pet is very old and becomes ill. The vet thinks it’s time for the pet to go to heaven. But, you don’t know how to say goodbye. A group of friends have convinced you to do something that you know is wrong, and now, you don’t know how to back out.

These are some ways that both young and old people may lose their way. The more we mature, the greater our responsibilities become. Every year we are presented with more and more challenging issues, each one toying with us emotionally to choose the right direction … the direction that will bring us emotional clarity, peace and happiness.

when you feel lost

Who to Ask for Help

Whenever I lose my sense of “emotional” direction, it is important for me to seek comfort, help, and advice from my family and close friends. They cannot tell me what direction to take. However, through kind words, understanding, wisdom acquired through experience, and encouragement, they can help me find my own way again!

So remember, as Mommy Owl suggests to Little Owl, don’t set aside the people in your lives who help you learn and grow. They are a part of your life for a reason.
They love you and are here for you if you ever lose your way.

Questions to Think About …

● Have you ever felt lost, alone, or afraid because of a challenging situation?
How did you get yourself on the right path to feeling better?
● Have you helped a friend or sibling choose the right direction?
● Do you have people in your life that you trust to help you find your way in the world? Who are they?
● In what other ways are family and good friends important in your life?

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