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Saint Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. The origin of the day on which we celebrate love by exchanging cards and gifts remains somewhat of a mystery. Of the many theories presented, it is unclear which is the most widely accepted. It appears there were at least three Saint Valentines, all martyrs. Opinions vary […]

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I Feel “Home”

“Where am I?” wondered Little Owl, blinking big, round, curious eyes. “You are at home, snuggled in your warm nest. Do not worry, Daddy and I are here with you,” assured Mommy Owl. [Excerpt from “Hello Little Owl”] What is “Home”? Some say “home” is where the heart is. Others […]

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“Hoo” Doesn’t Love Owls?

Years ago a friend of mine (Dave) found a young owl in the woods. It had been hurt and was unable to fly. Dave brought the little owl to his home, where he built it a small comfortable shelter. Dave is a very caring person. His gentle manner and abundance […]

Bat conservation

Bats get a bad rap!!

“Bats are not cute, like bunnies can be. In fact, they can be kind of Creepy to see!” Excerpt from Baxter the Baby Bat Written and illustrated by Mary Uihlein When I was little, I thought bats were only out on scary Halloween Eves with werewolves and Vampires. They flew […]

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Hello Little Owl

This children’s book was written for my first grandchild. Not knowing the gender, we called the unborn baby, our Little Owl. Our last name translates to little owl in German. My book welcomes Little Owl into her new world, explaining to her the many things she will learn as she […]

what does a symbol of a feather mean


In the summer of 2012 I lost someone special … a gentle soul with a unique spirituality and wisdom beyond his years. All that summer and fall I searched for answers within the sanctity of nature.  Walking in the woods where he grew up was therapeutic for me and allowed […]

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“You have a loving family and many friends who will help teach you the ways of the world. Every day you will learn something new!” “You will become wise, Little Owl,” promised Daddy Owl. “But, Little Owl,” said Mommy Owl, “You must never forget your family and the friends who […]

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Independence … a Beautiful Thing

“Each day, you will become a bit wiser and more sure of yourself, you will fly farther and farther from the nest … until one day you spread your wings and soar, finding your own direction.” [Excerpt from Hello Little Owl] When we are babies, we are very dependent upon […]

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Discovery and Imagination

“I call it TUMBLE,” Funny Bunny said. “I discovered it by accident on my way home to bed!” [Excerpt from Hello Little Owl, Giggled Funny Bunny] * DIS . COV . ER . Y The action or process of discovering or being discovered A person or thing discovered * IM […]