Bat conservation

Bats get a bad rap!!

Bats are not cute, like bunnies can be.

In fact, they can be kind of Creepy to see!

Excerpt from Baxter the Baby Bat

Written and illustrated by Mary Uihlein

When I was little, I thought bats were only out on scary Halloween Eves with werewolves and Vampires. They flew by the hundreds out of a haunted bell tower into the misty moonlight, making eerie squeaking sounds that sent shivers down your spine!

As folklore would have it

Watch out for bats!

They can’t see and will get tangled in your hair!

They are winged and furry, with teeth that will sink into your flesh and suck your blood!


Throughout history, they have been depicted as evil creatures, indeed!

In real life though, bats are actually very good for the planet!

They have unique echo-radar that alerts them to the whereabouts of the insects they eat. They live in colonies, sleeping during the day and hunting for food at night.

Their diet consists of many of the bugs that harm our crops, our pets, and other farm and forest animals. They even eat those pesky mosquitos that we try to avoid at our summertime picnics! Without bats, many of the fruits and vegetables we eat would become scarce because our food sources depend on bats to pollinate flowers and disperse seeds.

So, the next time you see a bat, remember how good they can be for our environment and tell your friends how important it is to protect them!

Help us support this endangered species by participating in BatWeek!  For every donation of $5 or more, we will gift you a FREE copy of Baxter the Baby Bat E-Book.  All proceeds will be donated to the Bat Conservation International to help support their research and efforts to save the bat population.

For all bat species endangered by loss of habitat, disease, pesticides, climate change, and more.

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