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The Hello Little Owl Series of Children’s books was lovingly created by Mary Uihlein for her grandchildren, Emma and James. Each story is filled with colorful and whimsical illustrations that will capture your little one’s attention as he or she connects with the loveable characters in Little Owl’s world!  They will join Little Owl and her forest friends on adventures sure to delight their senses and, in a very charming way, teach them very important life lessons!

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“Fabulous book! Story is fantasatic and the illustrations are incredible. My children LOVE this book, definitely one to keep for generations.” — Keane West

“Hello Little Owl has become my grand daughters go to book whenever we are able to enjoy time together. The story line has held her interest, even tho she normally does not sit still for long.” — Pat

“A beautiful book both in its messages and illustrations…A wonderful addition to any child’s bookshelf…and a great gift!!” — Ann

“Little Owl’s adventures continue with Hermit Crab (and other delightful characters!). Such fun for a parent or grandparent to read and discuss with their little ones. The illustrations are pure delight and each time the book is read you see something new. Can hardly wait for more adventures of the Little Owl!” — Chris

The Hello Little Owl Book Series is Available in Three Formats:

Hello Little Owl Book One in Print Format


Hello Little Owl Audio Book


Hello Little Owl Book One in Kindle Format


Beyond the World of “Hello Little Owl” are Other Nature-related Tales
Written and Illustrated by Mary Uihlein

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